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How To Use Affiliate Links on Pinterest

This post may contain affiliate links and we may earn compensation when you click on the links at no cost to you.

how to promote affiliate links on pinterest

Lets Get Straight to the meat and potatoes!


Decide what niche you can easily promote and talk about, then join their affiliate program.

 (Example: Go to Google + Type in Niche + Affiliate Program you want to join

Attempt to zero in on joining ones that are the most pertinent to your specialty, so you can

 receive however much goodness in return as could be expected! 

Or if you don't want to do your own research I have compiled a list of 20 Affiliate Programs you can check out HERE.

If you are completely lost and are trying to figure out what affiliate marketing is you can enroll

 in our 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, in which case you will learn how to do affiliate

 marketing and get traffic to your offers, create and email list and so much more that will help

 you with promoting on your pinterest account.

I have tried several programs and really it all just depends on you.

What you want to do and how many programs you think you can manage at once,

 but I do recommend that you start off with one until you get the hang of it, then

 the sky is the limit.


There's no point creating affiliate pins if you do nothing to get them seen. 

First of all, change to a business account and empower "rich pins". Like,


Then, ensure that you're utilizing significant Keywords in your profile name as well.

Pinterest is a search engine, just like use it!

Take "Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | How to Start a Blog | Social Media Tips | Influencer Marketing" for example. 

When you utilize the search bar on Pinterest...


Type something in...even when you just start to type something in options will

 begin to pop-up, and those would be things people are searching for on Pinterest.

Also since you have now created a business account and start creating pins and

being an active user Pinterest will begin to help you learn how to grow

 even further. For more help with Pinterest Marketing Click Here, then continue where you left



It's certainly worth considering having a board devoted to partner joins.

Simply ensure that it's applicable to your specialty so that people will really need

 to take a gander at it!

In the event that you blog about growing your hair, a board connecting to your

 favorite hair products you use 

(Example: If you become an affiliate with Amazon, and some of the products that

 you use happen to come from there, then you could link out to Amazon.)

Once more, ensure the name of the board and board portrayal are brimming with

 those succulent watchwords, without being too nasty about it. 


There are two principle ways that you can use subsidiary connections on


You can either pin the affiliate link itself or share a link to a blog or piece of content that contains an affiliate link.

In any case, you will need to make an eye catching pins that will grab your

 audiences attention. Ensure that it is improved to Pinterest's optimal dimensions 

 (2:3) and that any photos are clear. 

You can use canva to create some beautiful works of art that will engage your

 potential audience. 

You don't have to be a complete designer to use this Canva, it is very easy to use and you can also publish your images directly from there, but I normally use Tailwind for scheduling post because you can schedule them out months in advance. 

Tailwind is not only a scheduling app but it also will quickly help you design awesome pins in no time even faster than using Canva, but they both have there great qualities and uses. 

Using my link will give you a $15 credit towards your account so that you can begin seamlessly creating pins and scheduling your posts.


Updated: You can schedule your post on pinterest, you will still have to create your beautiful projects either in Canva, Tailwind or unless you use something different. To schedule your post on pinterest underneath the description you can 

Click on publish at a later date, and it will pull up the calendar and choose a date you won't you post to be published, don't forget to pick a board category for your pin.

You're almost there! You have your record put in a good position, understand

 what content you need to share and have a realistic all set. Along these lines,

 begin sticking! 

Click "create pin", insert graphics and create a title and description,

 making sure to use Keywords (that you have done your research on) and

 describes what your pin is about. 

Create Pin

Insert Graphic

Add Title (SEO=search engine optimization=keywords+ research)

Then, add your  connection – either to your blog entry containing an affiliated link

 or your direct affiliate link. 

Description, Alt Text, Destination Link (Very Important Section)

Be sure to check out the (Pinterest Policies and Guidelines) as you don't want to 

 get shut down before you get started.

Above all ensure that you reveal in any case you're including an Affiliate Link. 

(Example: Using #ad #promotion or something along those lines.)

Similarly as with any web-based media stage, you ought to put "affiliate link"

some place noticeable, to make your supporters mindful. We'd suggest putting it

at the highest point of your pin depiction. 

Now you can hit "Publish" and do a cheerful dance! 


Take a look at your affiliate related pins:

  1. What had the most noteworthy number of recoveries and impressions? 
  2. What is it about this pin that you think made it so well known? 
  3. Is the pin graphic unique, did you utilize more pertinent keyword or is it the actual subject? 

Whatever the responses to these inquiries, ensure that you use them to direct

 your associate sticking procedure going ahead to advance your prosperity. 

The key to progressing is to differentiate where you are sharing your links,

 guaranteeing that you have a strong procedure behind you. 

Pinterest is only one piece of the riddle, however will be a great expansion to your

list of marketing platforms, that is slept on a lot.

If this post helped you in anyway or you know someone that would love this post, please feel

 free to pin this to your board so it doesn't get lost and don't forget to sign up to my newsletter

 so you get lots of great content to earn money online directly to your inbox.